Plans for C-litter in summer 2017

Mating took place on 14 April-2017.

Dame: Magleddies Woopsie aka "Loppan"

SE 29764/2014


Dob 2014-04-28

Eyes CLEAR 2016-08-09

Hips C

Showresult Excellent


Sire: Magleddies Unicum Rambo aka "Rambo"

Regnr: SE 30744/2013


DOB: 2013-04-28

Eyes: CLEAR 2016-11-15

Hips: A

Showresult: Excellent, CQ, CAC, CACIB

Dilute: DD - Non Carrier


Inbreeding 0,2%. (Swedish kennelclub guidelines is max. 6.25%)

Mating took Place: 2017-04-14

Puppies expected: 2017-06-16

When the puppies move to their new home at 8 week of age they will be:


- Registered in Swedish kennelclub

- Checked by vet

- Vaccinated

- Dewormed

- ID-marked with chip


With the puppie you will get:


- The pedigree/registration

- Veccination certificate

- Veterinarian certificate

- A small blanket

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